Personal Development Talks

09/17/2017 12:00 to 09/17/2017 14:00

GADcon GmbH
Wien, Austria

 Communicating Your Message in a Charismatic Way

Making the right impression on someone can be more important than anything else.

Imagine having that feeling when you enter a room…

When you confidently say to yourself: "I got this! I can capture the stage!". 

To bring your message across, get that funding you need or perhaps get that dream job... you want to be able to express yourself on a charismatic and authentic way. To take that one shot, and make a change!

That's what this event is about. 


GADcon GmbH
Mölker Bastei 3/7
    Wien 1010


From 09/17/2017 12:00
To 09/17/2017 14:00


GADcon GmbH

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